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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your hoops take to make?

This varies a lot. For more basic and simpler designs I could stitch several in one day however for more detailed designs, it can take a few days to stitch just one hoop. My current processing time can be found at the top of the website.

What materials do you use? 

I use only the best cotton fabric and threads when stitching orders and items for sale for you. I mostly use either Anchor or DMC threads. Fabric varies depending on what you order. For hoops I normally use 100% cotton which is available in a variety of colours, white or natural is the most popular as it makes colours pop! I've also used pinks, greys and patterned fabrics on some of my hoops.

I particularly love grey star or polka dot fabric. 


What frames/hoops do you use? 

Some people like to use solid wooden hoops however I prefer flexi hoops as they keep fabric more taut. My preference is wood grain style which have an ornate hook in the top, perfect for adding ribbon and hanging up. My hoops either come in a four inch or six inch size. If you are looking at purchasing some hoops for your own hobby creations I suggest supporting local business or check out the craft suppliers on Etsy, Folksy or Ebay. 


How are your items packaged?

Hoops are wrapped in tissue paper, twine and ribbon. They are then popped into a cardboard box to ensure they arrive perfect. Sometimes if you order more than one hoop they will be sent in separate boxes and each parcel will include a gift tag, business card and flyer. 


How do I care for my embroidery?

What I always advise customers is to try and keep your embroidery out of direct sunlight as over a long period of time it may begin to fade. If you've purchased a hoop, try to be careful not to put pressure on the fabric as it may loosen or come out of the hoop. If this happens, simply pull the fabric slightly at the back and it will tighten up again. 

Sewing With Love Hoops
Sewing With Love Hoops

How do you begin a new hoop design? 

Well, it's a complex process and takes a lot of time and skill. My knowledge of embroidery comes in handy here. If it's something I am making to put up for sale, usually I sit down and sketch out my ideas. Then using a special pen I transfer onto my fabric of choice before picking out floss colours to begin stitching. If the item is bespoke I will cater to my customers needs/specifications to produce a gorgeous end result :) 


How do you finish the back of your hoops?

The best, easiest and most presentable method is to cut off most of the fabric leaving about 1-2 inches depending on hoop size. I sew a simple running stitch through the fabric, pull it taut and tie it off. Simple and it looks pretty and tidy :) It also means if you want to add to the design in anyway in the future it can be done relatively hassle free. 


Who are your hoops for? 

Anyone...everyone! Basically made to order for any age, any type of person and for any occasion.  My hoops in particular are very popular gifts for christenings/new babies etc however if you're buying for the little folk please ensure to keep out of reach, for display only and not a toy! :) 

Do you post worldwide?

I ship to UK, Australia, United States, Ireland and Canada!

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