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Handwriting Handkerchiefs
  • Handwriting Handkerchiefs

    Looking to transform a loved ones handwriting into a beautiful wedding keepsake? These lace handkerchiefs are the perfect gift.

    Entirely custom hand stitched to order; all I require from you is an image of the handwriting you'd like me to stitch. This can be taken from a greetings card, note, letter or other source (as long as it's a clear image/s) and I can combine handwriting from multiple sources (ideal for making a new message/passage of text).

    Please Note -
    To send me the handwriting images you can do so either before or after you order. You can email these to -

    A numerical date counts as one word and a written date count's as two (e.g. 11.01.1991 - one word, 11th January 1991 - two words)

    - Hand stitched
    - White hanky with lace trim approx 25x25cm OR
    - White simple hanky with satin detail edge (large) 40x40cm
    - Handwriting will be stitched bottom right of the hanky
    - Multiple text shades to choose from - Black, Dark Navy, Dark Grey, Dark Pink or Dark Purple



    • Disclaimer

      Please note, whilst these hankies are 100% 60s cotton which is typically better as the higher the count the thinner, better and closely woven the fabric, this does mean the hankies appear quite thin and are very delicate so you may see the stitches between words through the fabric. ​I would recommend these only be kept as a sentimental keepsake rather than a functional day-to-day (blow your nose) kind of handkerchief. 

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